A Dive Into Drum Mics

Nate lays out the baseline for successful drum tracking. Tune in for mic recommendations on Mid/Side stereo configurations, overheads, snare drums and more.

Universal Audio has a great article on Mid/Side Recording. You can find it here: https://www.uaudio.com/blog/mid-side-mic-recording/

Check out the Rode NTR (used as side mic) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/rode-ntr-active-ribbon-microphone.html

Check out the AKG C414XLS (mid mic) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/akg-c414xls-multi-pattern-condenser-microphone.html

Check out the Aston Starlights (used on overheads) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/aston-microphones-starlight-small-diaphragm-condenser-microphones-stereo-pair.html

Check out the Audix i5 (snare top) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/audix-i5-dynamic-cardioid-instrument-microphone.html

Check out the Shure Beta 57A (snare bottom) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/shure-beta-57a-instrument-microphone.html

Check out the Sennheiser e902 (inside kick drum) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/sennheiser-e902-dynamic-cardioid-microphone.html

Check out the Solomon LoFreq (outside kick drum) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/solomon-mics-lofreq-sub-microphone-black.html

Check out the Sennheiser e604 (tom toms. Not discussed, but it's what we used!) here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/sennheiser-e604-cardioid-instrument-microphone.html

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