Cincinnati Bromance

Our first episode! Nate sits down with Dan Buehner to discuss analog recording, the future of vinyl records, and the importance of knowing where the nearest sprinkler is at any given time. Also, Nate has no idea what sun tea is made of.

Dan Buehner is the drummer for The Hollering Pines, who also enjoys success as a solo artist under the moniker Daniel Young. We sat down to discuss the Hollering Pines' upcoming album "Moments in Between", releasing June 7, 2019, his affinity for vinyl records, and why we love recording with tape.

At 5:44 Dan talks about his inspiration to start recording at a young age and how he jumped right into recording on tape.

"I thought, 'Man, is this how they were recording this music, on all these machines?'"

At 20:22 Dan discusses the Hollering Pines' vinyl record pressing, his personal vinyl record collection, and the ritual of listening to vinyl records.

"I love putting the record on, opening up the cover, reading the lyrics, reading the liner notes, and it's an experience, it's not just something that's in the background"

At 30:13   Dan discusses his analog roots, his enthusiasm for working on outboard gear, and the unique experience of hearing your music played back directly from the tape machine.

"That's the purest sound to me, is when you hear it coming off the tape machine and into the monitors . . . It gives me the chills to think about it."

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